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One day in Ratchaburi article

One day in Ratchaburi

Thursday in the early morning, I had appointment with my brother to go to Damnoensaduak floating market. Most tourists know Damnoensaduak as a popular travel place in Thailand, maybe in the guide book but in this story I will let you know more about this place by my sight. So, I wish you enjoy my story and have fun with all photos!

We departed from Bangkok to Ratchaburi province where Damnoensaduak located, took about 1 and a half hour. Before get to Dumnernsaduak, we passed a house named “Tao Ta Wan”, here we can noticed many large group of tourists stop by. “How’s amazing of this house?” I said to my brother with curious. “Why don’t we stop a car and let explore this house?” my brother responsed me as fast as me thought. Yesssss!!! Stop the car!

We step into the house and met a large group tourist, mostly Russian. We were approached by the house owner named P’Ladda (P refered to someone older than you, in Thai we say “P” before the name to show the respect and also friendliness). We got warmly welcome from P’Ladda, she welcome us with Thai traditional greeting (we say “wai”, the action we lift the hands up and press together at the chest or forehead in sign of respect). Moreover she served us with fresh palm juice and show me the house with friendly talking. We started at the garden, there are few high coconut trees with bamboo stair flank beside. This is one of gimmick, sounds interesting? I know you can not imagine what is gonna be happen…

Take a look! P’Ladda is showing you.


This is the demonstration, how to handpick the coconut. She fastly climb up to the top like a professional and show us the way the gardener do their job. Amazing huh? So, what are you waiting for? It’s now your turn! ;)


You can see how much they enjoy, some took the photos, some took video as once to climb up coconut tree! If you were here, I bet you also can not hold on to try! ;)

After had a fun time with coconut tree climbing, P’Ladda lead us to the house. I can say this is an ancient house because of 170 years of age, it remains with Thai house style in the former times. They built whole house with wood and still keep some ancient furnitures which you can see and feel how old they are. Hold on! I didn’t forget to take some photo to show you :)

Thai ancient bedroom with simply decoration style.


You can see lots of Buddha images in the photo. Every Thai people put these as a sanctity in their house, it is a belief of Buddhist.

When I step out to the living room, there was a guide tour explaining to the tourists. Here you can see the photos of Thai royal institution, reflect to Thai people respect. Thai people love and revere His Majesty the King as their “Father” as you can see photo in every house. Moreover, there are also photos of the house owner’s ancestor.


Next, Let’s go outside! There are lots of interesting things out there :)


Left, receptacle for betel contains betel-leafs, betel-quid and areca-nut, a former Thai people usually use them for chewing, a few slices of the nut are wrapped in a betel leaf along with lime and may include clove, cardamom, catechu. The custom of betel chewing has penetrated Thai culture since ancient times. All levels of society, both of male and female gender, mostly old people.

Betel has a little addictive substance is not just for chewing in free time but also a folk wisdom, can use as a toothpaste to help teeth and gum clean, also give a fresh breath. Mostly Thai rich people always used Betel as a welcome thing for guests, to show a good welcome and their kindness. Nowadays, it’s rarely to be found in Thailand. (I wish to try them but it is just for show!)

OK! next on the right, they are kitchen equipments that produced from coconut shell which you can still finding easily in Thailand.


The shining desk lamps and mobile lamps are made from coconut shell as well, the beautiful products from nature are alternative choice for your house decoration.

Russian guide explaining to tourist group


Here in “Tao Ta Wan” was not the right time for us to see the demonstration “How to make palm sugar” So, we went out from here to another place nearby named “Tao Thai Derm”, they demonstrated plam sugar making at that moment. So, we joined the tourist group and took some photos of process.

The house owner showing process of plam sugar making.

Plam sugar & The products from coconut tree

Let’s go klong tour!!!


After finished sightseeing both of coconut sugar houses, we heading to our main destination, Damnoensaduak floating market, in thai we called “Talat Nam Damnoensaduak” (Talat Nam refered to floating market). Here is everyday welcome, open 07.00am - 12.00pm.

By my sight, there was not many tourists and boats for selling things because of Thursday. So if you want to feel the floating market with more liveliness, I suggest you to come here on weekend.

Damnoensaduak floating market is a very attractive place for tourists, because of the old style traditional selling and buying things from small boats such as fruits, vegetables, Thai foods and desserts, traditional arts and crafts. You can feel how nice of vendors, smile and friendly greeting as a unique of Thai human nature. In every early morning, the vendors will paddle their boats to selling things. You can also hear bargaining between vendors and tourists that I think this is one of attractive thing of floating market :)

You can also see traditional Thai houses along the canal, simply intriguing living and a journey by boats. We had quite late breakfast beside the canal before catch a boat trip. Have you ever heard “Klong Tour”? Yes! we took this program.

“Klong Tour” is the way you sightseeing along the canals by paddle boat or long-tailed speed boat. There are many vendors willing to serve you with Klong Tour program, price depends on hour, visiting places and total person. You should compare the price in each vendor before make a decision. Do not too hurry!

Some tourists took long-tailed boat to sightseeing the canal, another way to feel more speed.

That day we just took half an hour for klong tour, we drifted pass mobile shops and the boats contain many kind of fruits, vegetables, thai foods and desserts. If you interested or want to buy something, just ask paddler to stop the boat, then let’s enjoy bargaining and buying things :)

Secretly, most of vendors are pleased to let you try by taste. Just do ask! ;)

Mobile shops along the canal, they sale various goods.

The boats with friendly vendors selling you things.

Well, after finished klong tour. We just strolled, took some photos and chilled beside the canal, then go back home with one day experience in Ratchaburi and surely, I will be back to Damnoensaduak again on weekend.

I definitely sure that you can not feel and imagine in just the way you read or look at the photos. So, just come and feel it! ;)


Memory Diary

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