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Time Zone

There is only 1 time zone in Thailand : +7 hrs GMT, or +12 hrs EST.


The main land mass of central, north and east Thailand is landlocked and surrounded by Cambodia, Burma (Myanmar) and Laos.

Thailand has a hot and humid, tropical climate throughout the year, though it can get chilly in the mountainous north. The dry and cool season runs from November to February. March to May is also dry but very hot, except in the south. The October throughout the country.

You can dive in Thailand all year round, though the best diving is between November and early May. Some dive sites in the Andaman Sea are not available in the rainy season due to strong winds. At that time there are also only a limited number of diving cruise charters in Thailand. Check our dive site descriptions for detailed diving seasons.


Travellers are required to have an onward ticket to enter Thailand. Citizens of most nations can get a 30-day visa upon arrival. Two-week extensions can be obtained by going to the Immigration Office, located near the Silom business district (507 Suan Phlu Road; Tel : 02-287-1740 or 02-287-3101) with a photocopy of your passport (every pace), two photographs, and the extension fee of 500 baht. Agencies can facilitate this process, with pick up and delivery service to your hotel room.


Foreign currency changers are available at the airport and provide the same rates as in town and better rates than hotels. The baht is divided into 100 satangs. Paper denominations consist of 1,000- (gray), 500- (purple), 100- (red), 50- (blue), and 20- (green) baht notes. Coins consist of ten-, five-, one-baht disks, as well as 50- and 25-satang brass disks.

Credit Cards

Major establishments readily accept American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa cards. Expect a 3-5 percent surcharge. Major Bangkok banks also recognize these credit cards.

Business Hours

Government offices open from 08:30-16:30 hrs. on Monday to Friday. Bangking hours are 08:30-15:30 hrs. on Monday to Friday. Business hours are from 08:00 or 08:30-17:00 hrs. on Monday to Friday. Most department stores operate from 10:00-21:00 hrs. all week.

Postal Services

Post offices are open from 09:00 until 15:30 hrs. Thai postal services are be unreliable. Important items can be sent by express mail service (EMS) from the mainland. This is faster and safer but the cost is higher. Private air couriers like DHL and UPS also have representatives on Phuket.

Telephone Services

For International Direct Dialling dial 001 + country code + area code + phone number.


Thai electricity is 220 volts AC at 50 cycles. Several different plugs and sockets are in use, so travellers will need to be aware of this when using shavers, CD players or other appliances that requite power mains. Plug adapter kits are available. There are occasional blackouts and power variations, especially during rainy season.

Telephone Numbers & Useful Links
Telephone Number Information Hotline 1133  
Police (General Emergency Call) Hotline 191  
Tourist Police Hotline 1155  

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)

TAT Head Office

TAT Airport Office

Hotline 1672


Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Hotline 1555

Immigration Office (Soi Suan Plue)

Immigration Office (Don Muang)


0-2535-1111, 0-2535-1076

Suvarnabhumi Airport 0-2723-0000 Ext.2080-83  
Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA)

Hotline 184, 0-2246-0973, 0-2246-0741-4
BTS Skytrain 0-2617-7300, 0-26177340, 0-2617-6000
MRT Subway 0-2354-2000, 0-2624-5200
Thai Meteorogical Department Hotline 1182, 0-2399-4568-74 Ext.155
Bus Teminal
Eastern Bus Terminal (Ake-Ka-Mai)    

Air conditioned bus


Southen Bus Terminal (Saitai)



Normal bus


Air conditioned bus

0-2434-7192, 0-2435-1200  
Northern & Northeastern (Mor Chit Mai)    

Normal bus


Air conditioned bus

Embassies in Thailand & Telephone Numbers
The Australian Embassy in Thailand 0-2344-6300, 0-2344-6400
The Austrian Embassy 0-2303-6057-9  
The Embassy of the Argentine Republic 0-2259-0401, 0-2259-9198  
The Embassy of the People's Republic of Bangladesh 0-2185-1340-1  
The Embassy of Belgium 0-2679-5454
The Embassy of the Federative Republic of Brazil 0-2679-8567-8
The British Embassy 0-2305-8333
The Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria 0-2627-3872-3  
The Royal Embassy of Cambodia 0-2957-5851-2  
The Embassy of Canada 0-2636-0540  
The Embassy of the Republic of Chile 0-2251-9470
The Embassy of the People's Republic of China 0-22457033, 0-2245-7036  
The Royal Danish Embassy 0-2343-1100
The Embassy of Finland 0-2250-8801
The French Embassy 0-2657-5100
The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany 0-2287-9000
The Embassy of the Hellenic Republic 0-2679-1462  
The Embassy of the Republic of Hungary 0-2661-1150-2  
The Embassy of India 0-2258-0300-6  
The Embassy of Italy 0-2285-4090-3  
The Embassy of Japan 0-2696-3000, 0-2207-8500  
Embassy of the Republic of Korea 0-2247-7537-9  
The Embassy of Sweden 0-2263-7200
The Embassy of Switzerland 0-2253-0156-60
The Embassy of the United States of America 0-2205-4000, 0-2205-4049  
Embassy of Lao 0-2539-6667, 0-2539-7341
Embassy of Ukraine 0-2685-3125
Embassy of Maxico 0-2285-0995
Embassy the State of Qatar 0-2660-1111
Embassy of Denmark 0-2343-1100
The Diplomatic Mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan 0-2234-6365-66
Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam 0-2267-9602
Royal Embassy of Spain 0-2661-8284, 0-2661-8287
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands 0-2-309-5200
Embassy of the Russian Federation 0-2234-9824, 0-2268-1169  
Embassy of Norway 0-2204-6500
Embassy of the Philippines 0-2259-0139-40
The Consulate of Republic of Estonia 0-2690-3779
Embassy of the Czech Republic 0-2255-3027
Embassy the Republic of Poland 0-2645-0367-9
Embassy of the Federal Nigeria 0-2711-3076, 0-2711-3078
Embassy of Egypt 0-2661-7184
Embassy of New Zealand 0-2654-3444
Embassy of Malaysia 0-2679-2190-99  


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